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The Most Epic Drone Images Ever Captured


Drones have become a hit sensation in the last few years and it isn’t hard to see why. These amazing gadgets are capable of capturing some truly amazing footage. Drones have allowed us to get a bird’s eye view of some of the most remote and horrifying places on the planet, so it was really only a matter of time before some of the most awe-inspiring footage we’ve ever seen started to pop up on the scene. Well, we have some good news for you. We’ve collected thirty of those scary images and put them in a collection right here. Follow along below to see some of the most epic images ever captured by drones.

Close Call

These two friends are certainly enjoying themselves as they paddle their surfboards around the deep blue sea. Their mood is light unmistakenly light-hearted as they are giving themselves a high five. That said, their moods would change quickly if they could see who was watching them from below.

If life was anything like the Jaws movies, these two would be lunch right about now. Maybe one friend would survive to tell about the encounter as a way to push the plot. Luckily, this isn’t a movie and the shark just swam by the two girls as if they weren’t even there.

Farmer’s Heroic Moment

What we’re seeing now is drone footage of one heroic farmer’s attempt to prevent a raging fire from spreading and save his crops. As you know, farmers were pretty darn hard for their crops and a bad season could be the difference between eating steak for dinner or just slurping on a bowl of cabbage water soup.

Just as he saw his crops being lost, this farmer decided to jump in his tractor and make a fire line. This is when they remove the dry soil from the land so that they can stop the fire from burning more crops. He was certainly risking his life as the fire was hurt enough to burn away the paint on one side of the tractor. In the end, firefighters credited his quick thinking for saving the farm.

River Of Blood

One man was taking his drone for a spin when he saw a popular river in his area overran by thick red liquid. This definitely sounds like something out of a horror movie. Fearing that the source could be toxic or the result of some disturbing crime, the man called up the city hall to make a complaint about the red liquid.

They immediately went to inspect the site and find out the source of the red liquid. As it turned out, there was a slaughterhouse not far from the location and they were illegally disposing of pig remains by just dumping them into the river. This, of course, is very illegal and the issue was swiftly taken care of.

Clown In A Cornfield

Cornfields don’t have the best reputation in the world. They are often associated with horror movies, UFO encounters and even cult sacrifice. Cornfields are large, remote and can be quite scary if you get lost in one. There have been many a tale of both children and adults getting lost in these fields and never coming out alive.

One man was flying his drone of a cornfield outside of town and that is when he spotted something very creepy. He spotted a clown who appeared to be studying the drone. Once the drone moved closer to him, the clown took off running as fast as it could into some nearby woods. The clown was never seen again, but we have to wonder about the clown’s intentions.

Lunch Time

One really has to question what this world has come to when a pig can’t even get a drink of water these days without a crocodile swooping up out of the water and grabbing him for lunch. Sadly, there is a lot that we don’t know here.

The drone wasn’t able to capture the epic struggle the pig must have put up for his life. Instead, as the drome crept up across a lake, we only saw a crocodile slowly swimming down the river whilst carrying the dead pig in its mouth.

Do You Believe?

Crop Circles were first reported in the 1860s but didn’t really become a worldwide sensation since the 20th century. This drone caught a crop circle while flying over some crops. Clearing out crops and making such shapes and lines definitely isn’t something that can be done in a day or one night.

Crop circles have always been linked to aliens and UFOs. When you lay your eyes on one of these amazing designs, you truly have to question if we are alone in the universe. We likely aren’t and these circles are enough to prove that we aren’t.

House Explosion

At one second a two-story house was standing there and the very next it was blown to bits and pieces of it were shooting all over the neighborhood. Pieces of that house literally flew onto three houses surrounding it. We don’t know the exact reason for such a dramatic explosion but certainly got some attention.

Unfortunately, such an explosion isn’t without its tragedy. One man was inside the house when it blew and he didn’t exactly walk out of that mess. Seems someone busted out their drone and get a good look at the full extent of the damage done.

The Face Of War

Someone traveled over to Syria and brought with them their trusty drone. This is one of their many Syrian cities that was absolutely ruined by the war that has been waging over there. I don’t know if anyone lives in that rubble now, but people once did.

Believe it or not, this was once a thriving city with restaurants, shopping malls, schools and traffic jams. This was once a beautiful city that was full of life and now it has been reduced to rubble. This is truly a scary image as it shows of quickly life could change.

This man just got his drone off the ground and just as it was gaining speed and crossing a path, this bike did an amazing jump and flew right into the drone. This did not end well, as the drone broke on impact and fell to the floor and was out of commission.

The man flew off of his bike and the bike fell on his side. Thankfully, the man was okay and the bike wasn’t so damaged. There can be nothing scarier than seeing something crash into you. Imagine how that biker felt when he saw that drone.

Two Predators Working Together

The sperm whale is one of the biggest mammals on the planet, it not the biggest. Just seeing the corpse of one drifting in the ocean is quite an amazing sight. Some other very large creatures are sharks and crocodiles.

This person flew their drone over the massive dead whale for a closer look and caught an amazing image. What your seeing moving in on the giant floating feast is a shark and crocodile both enjoying a meal together. This is a very rare site.

Where No Man Has Gone Before

Drones are able to do so many amazing things. They are taking photography to the next level. One of the biggest benefits of using drones is that they allow you to capture photos in areas that are just too risky to send a human photographer. Consider the photo below.

No photographer in their right mind would have gotten this close to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Even if they weren’t in their right mind, they wouldn’t be able to get the kind of aerial shot that this drone is capturing. This truly amazing.


Words can hardly express how amazing this photo is. This is the Sagrat Cor Church in Barcelona, Spain. It’s perched high up on a hill in the city, and this photographer managed to hit the site when a fine mist was swirling around the façade.

The incredible result speaks for itself. This one is absolutely stunning! This picture looks incredibly haunting like something out of a gothic old-time movie from the 1920s. We wonder how this church looks on a sunny clear day.

Distant Planet Or Actual Aerial Photo?

This is another example of just how alien an aerial photo can look to us. In what appears to be a beautiful painting, award-winning drone photographer Max Foster was able to capture the Delta River in Iceland from around 1,500 feet.

While it looks as if the photo was taken above the surface of Neptune, it actually shows that some parts of our own home planet are still almost too beautiful for words. This doesn’t even look like a real image, but more like a painting done by some artist.

India’s Poverty Epidemic In One Photo

This image shows Dharavi, one of India’s largest slums. While the country is home to more billionaires than any other in the world, it also has a serious poverty epidemic. The slum pictured below is estimated to house a million residents.

While drones certainly capture much of the beauty our planet has to offer, they can also capture the uglier side of humanity. We can’t help but wonder what it’s like for the people that live on top of that hill. Are they considered the kigns of the community?

The Most Heavily Populated City In The Western Hemisphere

This incredible aerial photo shows a portion of Mexico City. With 21 million people crammed within its borders, Mexico City is the most heavily populated city in the Western Hemisphere and holds the crown for being the biggest city in the world.

This drone image shows the thousands of homes that are crammed amongst the hills of the busy city. Remember this photo the next time you get frustrated with your morning commute to work! We can’t imagine all the hidden gems one can find in that concrete jungle.


A Home In The Clouds

Many of us can relate to wanting to live in a place where you don’t have many neighbors. This Georgian Monk takes that concept to a whole new level! Imagine having to walk down that hill to go to the restroom. It’d be quite the challenge.

The church pictured below sits atop the Katskhi Pillar in Western Georgia, nearly 140 feet above the surrounding village. They say isolation is important when meditating. The solitary monk who lives here has that covered, we’d say.

Perfect Timing

Humans accomplish some pretty amazing feats, and drone technology is allowing us to capture some of those feats like never before. Take the photo below, for instance. That’s a picture that would have been virtually impossible to capture even ten years.

The diver pictured is the Guinness World Record holder for waterfall diving, and with the help of a drone, this image of him jumping off the top of the falls on the Yellow River in China is forever preserved.

2016’s First Prize Winner

This image is so incredibly epic that it actually took the top prize home at the 2016 International Drone Footage Photography Awards. That is a high competitve contest and not an easy one to win. The climber pictured was heading up a chimney on a mountain in Denmark.

This is a perfect example of drone usage by one of the technology’s favorite followers—extreme sportsmen!  Rock climbing, surfing, race car driving, and even running with the bulls have all been captured with drone images.

More Isolation

The monk in Georgia had a pretty good handle on isolation, but whoever lives in this little house in the middle of Alexandria Bay, which lies between Canada and New York, is serious about keeping solicitors away!  You’ll need a boat or some amazing swimming ability to catch them.

As you can see, the drone managed to capture this photo in Fall, whenever the small island and home is a colorful oasis in the middle of a giant expanse of water. We hope they are okay when the storms start hitting in the winter.


Abandoned Beauty

When most of us think of abandoned, dilapidated buildings we probably don’t picture anything that could be even remotely called photogenic. However, some places are more beautiful without humans around than with. This picture is a testament to that.

This abandoned college in the little-known country of Abkhazia looks as if it’s being reclaimed by Mother Nature. Without drones, we likely never would have seen this structure like this. We wonder about the kinds of things that we could find in a place like that.

A Stunning Waterfall

Waterfalls are an obvious choice when it comes for subjects to photograph using drones. There are plenty of amazing options to pick from all over the world, but Norway’s Mardalsfossen—one of the highest waterfalls in Europe—is one of the most gorgeous on the planet.

The falls are drop nearly 1,200 feet, but this drone image makes it look as if the falls disappear in an infinite sea of clouds. Looking at a picture as stunning as this, we have to wonder where the person controlling the drone is located.

Glacier Hopping

For years, many outdoor photographers have traveled to the far corners of the world to capture images of polar bears (sometimes putting themselves at great risk to capture a shot!). Now, drone technology allows photographers to capture images like the one below.

Previously an image like this would only be available if you happened to know a crazy arctic helicopter pilot. Plus, a noisy chopper would have likely scared this big guy off before a photographer had the chance to catch him “mid-hop.”

Saudi Arabian Traffic Jam

This spectacular image was captured with a drone piloted by Abdullah Alnassar high above the red dunes in Saudi Arabia. The white camels pictured below are likely trekking through the desert in search of water or a some shade.

It takes a second or two for your eyes to process it, but what impresses us most about his photo are the shadows of the animals in the dunes above them. This truly something that you can see in the beautiful deserts of the Middle East.

A Sea Of Ducks

Many Asian farmers raise thousands of ducks so they can harvest their meat and feathers—their main source of income. This drone was able to capture this incredible shot of a farmer in Vietnam crossing his property as the ducks part for him.

We can’t help but feel a little fearful for the man. Ducks can be very unpredictable and we’ve all seen the duck chase people at parks. A closer inspection reveals the illusion of the man walking on water! Absolutely amazing drone shot.

Icelandic Beauty

If you thought that the only thing you’d see in Iceland is ice you’d be sorely mistaken!  This drone image shows just how gorgeous the country’s landscape actually is. It looks like something straight out of the Lord of The Rings series.

The photo was captured at just the right time of day to show the epic mountains and crystal blue rivers cutting through the countryside. This is the kind of stuff drones were meant for! This person really used their drone to its full potential.

Romanian Road

This photo is an absolutely stunning view of a highway in Romania.  It winds its way through a gorgeous forest.  The drone pilot must have captured the image during the peak time in Autumn, because the red, orange, and golden leaves are picture-perfect (pun fully intended!).   

The way the colors blend into each other is something very unique when compared to other countries. Times have definitely changed. Just think, this same shot would have cost thousands of dollars and a helicopter pilot not so long ago.

Otherworldly Arizona

Even NASA is using drone technology in the newest rovers they’re building to put on the surface of Mars. While the image below may look like a captured photo of a highway running across the surface of the Red Planet, it’s actually a remote highway in Arizona.

Imagine driving along this road, taking in the beauty, and being able to pull over, set up your drone, and snag an amazing shot like this. Ain’t technology grand? The desert doesn’t look so hot and awful when you look at it from the view of a drone.

Hi Shanghai

It can be tricky to capture really epic shots in heavily populated urban areas. In the U.S., Federal Aviation rules limit much of the flying that can be done in major cities. As you can imagine, drones can cause some accidents and be distracting.

However, rogue drone pilots still manage to capture some really amazing images, even if it’s not always legal. We’re not exactly sure what China’s aviation laws are, but this is one great shot of a busy intersection in Shanghai.

They Work Hard For The Money

Talk about an image that only a drone could capture!  These folks make their living by rappelling down the sides of skyscrapers and cleaning windows. Now their normally lonely workday is captured forever in this amazing photo.

We especially like how the skyscape and surrounding city of Moscow are captured in the reflection of the building. Moscow is a massive city and you can tell by the reflection caught in this amazing picture. Looks like those window washers have a long way to go.

Painting Or Photo?

This beautiful aerial shot is so surreal it could be a Monet painting. It’s amazing that someone was able to take a picture at just the right moment.  The photo was taken in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam in 2017.

That same year, at the International Drone Photography Contest, this photo took second place out of a field of almost 8,000 total entries. To see the other winners from last year’s contest, visit the website here. You won’t be disappointed by these images.

Not All Is As It Seems

The photo below appears to show a family sitting in a boat in the middle of a desert landscape. However, this drone actually captured a picture of a family sitting in a boat on an actual lake. The setting is Burke Lake in Virginia.

You could stare for hours at this photo trying to figure it out, and it never would have been possible without drone technology. While at first glance it may look like their paddling in a desert, you can clearly see the ripples in the water.

Dutch Fort

An amazing example of architecture and landscaping, this image captures a Dutch fort, located in a small town in the eastern part of Holland. The fort is no longer in use, so the site has been turned into a historical museum.

The drone image shows how meticulously the grounds were laid out and lined with thick forest. The people in charge of this building really wanted to make sure that it’d be a beautiful building. From the ground you can never truly see how amazing it is.

The Lotus Temple

India is a treasure trove of architectural marvels. The image below was captured by a drone hovering around the Lotus Temple in a remote part of Delhi. While you initially see the amazing building, you will later notice the heavy amount of smog in the air.

The lotus flower is very symbolic, and this photo shows how the architect captured the flower’s beauty in the design of the structure. It’s now against the law to fly drones in this area, so we’re lucky to have gotten this image when we did.

Colorful Italy

The town pictured below is Santa Maddalena in Italy. It’s hard to pick which part is the most beautiful. The sun shining on mountains in the distant is practically divine while the colorful landscape around the small town is almost too much to handle.

One thing is for sure, if it weren’t for drone technology we likely never would have seen either. One can’t deny that Italy is easily one of the most colorful places in the world. That isn’t a scene out of a movie, folks, that’s a real place.

The Dead Sea Isn’t Dead Yet

Have you ever seen water this blue? Tzvika Stein is a drone photographer based out of Tel Aviv, and we can thank him for the beautiful photo below. What your looking at is the one and only Dead Sea in the south of Israel.

The Dead Sea is a threatened body of water, and Stein uses images like this to help raise awareness regarding the future of this amazing wonder of the world. We’d hate to see the opportunity to capture images like this disappear.

Another Amazing Waterfall

When two major river systems meet, the result is sure to be of epic proportions. That’s certainly the case for the Gallinas and Santa Maria Rivers in Mexico. The result of their converging is a 900-foot-wide waterfall known as Cascada de Tamul.

While the best possible view is by using a drone, a close second is to paddle upstream in a canoe and watch the gorgeous turquoise water plunge over the cliffs. This drone has given us a unique view of this waterfall that no one had ever witnessed.

Speaking Of Wonders Of The World

The Taj Mahal in India is one of the world’s Seven Great Wonders. It’s no surprise that drone photographers flock to the area to capture never-before-seen views of the architectural landmark. From this view you can really see how beautiful and big it is.

The photo below shows why it is worth the effort to get there and get your drone airborne!  The Taj Mahal is a beacon for spiritual stillness and peace, and this photo captures that essence beautifully. There really isn’t another place in the world that can compare.

Unrealized Beauty

Aerial photography isn’t anything new by any means—helicopters have been used for many years to capture aerial images. However, helicopters are limited by how low they can fly and how close they can get to certain objects.

Drones are able to fly much lower and get much closer to subjects, providing an all-new look at things that we might now have thought as “beautiful” in the past. For instance, this farmer’s field. We never knew that a common farm could produce so much color.

A Unique Perspective

Drones have given us the opportunity to see unknown things for the first time, but they’ve also given us the opportunity to see famous things in a new way. Take, for instance, the earthwork sculpture called Spiral Jetty.

This natural creation was made by Robert Smithson back in 1970, so it’s been around for a while now. However, new drone images allow us to see the sculpture like never before. This truly something very unique in our world.

Blue Lobster Farms Of Vietnam

This aerial photo captures a perfect example of Mother Nature and Man working side-by-side. The photo was taken over the beautiful turquoise waters of Vietnam’s Phu Yen province, which is home to many lobster breeding farms.

Photos like this prove that more remote areas of the world have just as much amazing material to photo as the most bustling cities. We wonder how many people this photo will inspire to actually take a look at this part of the country.

Africa’s Ultimate Danger

While there is no denying that hippos are amazing creatures, they are also the most dangerous in all of Africa. When thinking about the most dangerous animal in Africa, most would likely place a lion or gorilla in the fron the list, but that isn’t true at all.

When it comes to animals behind the most human deaths, the hippos take the cake. That said, it should be important to know that they can only run in a straight line. Never assume that a cute hippo is an animal that wants human attention.

A Shark And His Lunch

This drone just happened to be in the right place at the right time. What are the chances that they’d be flying over the sea just a shark was about to settle into a meal? Looks like whatever he got his claws into were pretty big.

We wonder if he managed to get a giant whale or something. If it is, hopefully, there is more meat than plastic on that creature. There were recently some whales that washed up on a shore in Europe and they had stomaches full of plastic.

Flirting With Danger

While whales aren’t known to eat humans, given the difference in size we can imagine that whale crushing that tiny diver and not even noticing. We can’t help but wonder if that man knew he was so close to one of the biggest mammals on the planet.

Maybe he saw it while diving and is giving the whale a chase. If not, we at least sees that he was captured on this drone image. That said, this is an amazing picture that shows just how big a whale is when placed right next to a human.

Drone VS Crocodile

While crocodiles aren’t the fastest animals in the world, they are sneaky and quite unpredictable. If we were the owners of that drone, we definitely wouldn’t fly it too close to that animal because once it gets into those jaws, there is likely no getting out in one piece.

That said, it looks like that crocodile is preoccupied with a little white ball at that moment. Surely any human could outrun one of these beasts, but once it gets you, you are got and there is little chance that you will be escaping those jaws in one piece.


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